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We Repair, fix and install all types of residential garage openers and garage door opener devices from leading garage door opener manufacturers including: Sears, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley and Liftmaster.

Costless Garage Door Repair Lincoln

Our Garage Door Repair technicians are all certified and handpicked. We only hire the best. Costless only carries premium parts. So, most jobs are performed with a lifetime warranty.

Costless Garage Doors Repair will repair all types of garage door, solve any mechanic problem in your garage door, fix garage door openers, replace springs or put your garage door back on track!

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CostLess Garage Door's number one goal is customer satisfaction, priding ourselves on service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call our garage door expertes now at (916) 978-1088.

Our Garage Door Repair technicians from Lincoln, CA are all certified and handpicked. We only hire the best. Cost Less only carries premium parts. So, most jobs are performed with a lifetime warranty.

Costless Garage Doors Repair will repair all types of garage door, solve any mechanic problem in your garage door, fix garage door openers, replace springs or put your garage door back on track! Lic#888766 B & D28

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Garage Door Repair Lincoln

CostLess Garage Door Repair Lincoln is a Northern California’s Premier Garage Door Company. We offer the full range of garage door services. Whether you need garage door remotes, automatic garage door service or repairs, low cost steel and aluminum doors, custom and odd sizes, built from scratch masterpieces, paint grade and stain grade wooden sectional doors, contemporary aluminum and glass, metal clad (stainless, zinc, copper, aluminum etc.) we are the garage door company to call.

Our Garage Door Repair Lincoln technicians specialize in customized high-end garage door design, development and installation. Due to the quality of our work we have developed extensive relationships with builders, developers, designers and architects. Much of our new design and development work is referrals from professionals in the trades. We are often referred by our competitors when there are difficult or problem installations

CostLess Garage Door Repair is a family-owned business operating out of the Lincoln, and serving the greater Lincoln Valley and Bay Area since 1998. Our longevity and success is due to our commitment to a few simple principles:

  • Stay true to the customer by providing garage doors, garage door openers, remote control garage doors and tension springs that are superior in quality, safety and value.
  • Listen to our customers’ needs and provide unique alternatives that reflect our years of perspective and garage door repair experience.
  • Recognize that our customers are often educated consumers who have a good idea of what they want, and if we listen, we will get it right.
  • Understand that the ongoing success of our Lincoln garage door repair business is determined by customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Less Garage Door installers and servicemen are specialists with multiple skills and talents. We employ real craftsmen who take pride in their work as they add security and beauty to each home.

Garage Doors Lincoln

CostLess Garage Door Repair, located in Lincoln CA offers premium-quality garage doors and garage openers as well as garage door installation and repair. We work with great companies such as Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster and Genie. You will enjoy our quality workmanship, one-on-one service, and satisfaction guaranteed dedication. After all your car is only as safe as the door it is parked behind. The installers of our Garage Doors Lincoln company can provide all your installation and maintenance services, just give us a call. We offer the best inventory of top quality products at affordable prices. We are proud to serve Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Discover everything your garage door company can be when you talk to the professionals at your Local Garage Doors Company Lincoln. Our great team is waiting to take care of you.

Lincoln Garage Doors Repair

CostLess Lincoln Garage Doors Repair is a local premier garage door sales, service and installation company. Our specialty is custom-made wood garage doors, in both carriage style doors and contemporary wood. We also focus on contemporary glass/aluminum and architectural metal garage doors designs. Lincoln Garage Doors Repair goal is to provide garage door products which complement the architecture of homes.

Garage Door Replacement Lincoln

Garage Doors account for 30% of the front elevations of the average home. The vast majority of homes in Lincoln, Ca as well as the rest of the United States have garage doors made of stamped steel in a raised panel design which doesn't conform to the architecture of most homes. Why ignore a design element that accounts for 30% of your home's curb appeal? Garage Door Replacement Lincoln is an economical way to completely change the look of your home, increasing resale value and beautifying your home's exterior.

Garage Doors and Openers for Every Budget. Our line of garages ranges from the economy builder model of steel garage doors to custom wood garage doors made of mahogany to custom contemporary copper garage doors. We have a garage door for you.

Lincoln Local Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair for Lincoln, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Antelope, North Highlands, West Lincoln, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Lincoln and the entire Lincoln metro area. Fully stocked, radio dispatched trucks servicing garage doors, garage door openers and broken spring repair for the Lincoln local area. All our garage door repair technicians are full-time employees, never sub-contractors. Service work is always guaranteed.

Lincoln Local Garage Door Repairs custom carriage-style wood garage doors provide vertical designs that compliment the architecture of homes, versus only a bland face on the front of your residence. Design elements of most homes are vertical in orientation and raised panel steel doors are horizontal in their construction. By choosing a carriage house garage door in steel or wood, you provide a vertical design element that blends with the architecture of your home versus a bland surface that potentially distract from your home's curb appeal.

Garage Door Repair in Lincoln

Overhead garage doors, whether they roll up in sections or swing up in one piece, operate on spring tension. The door moves on metal tracks on the garage walls, and a heavy spring or springs provide the power. In most cases when the door doesn't work easily, repairs are fairly simple. Here are some helpful Garage Door Repair in Lincoln tips:

  1. Check the metal tracks inside the garage. Look at the mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls. If they're loose, tighten the bolts or screws at the brackets. Working inside the garage with the garage door closed, examine the tracks for dents, crimps, or flat spots. If there are any damaged spots, pound them out with a rubber mallet, or with a hammer and a block of scrap wood. If the tracks are badly damaged, they should be replaced.
  2. Check the tracks with a level to make sure they're properly aligned. Horizontal tracks should slant slightly down toward the back of the garage; with roll-up doors, the vertical sections of track should be exactly plumb. Both tracks must be at the same height on the garage walls. If the tracks are not properly aligned, loosen but do not remove the screws or bolts that hold the mounting brackets, and tap the tracks carefully into position. Recheck the tracks with the level to make sure they're in the right position; then tighten the screws or bolts at the mounting brackets.
  3. Clean the tracks with concentrated household cleaner to remove dirt and hardened grease. Clean the rollers thoroughly, and wipe both tracks and rollers dry.
  4. Lubricate both the tracks and the rollers using garage door lubricant spray or powdered graphite in the tracks, and household oil or silicone spray on the rollers. If there are any pulleys, lubricate them with the same lubricant you used on the rollers.
  5. Check for loose hardware, and tighten as needed. On swing-up doors, check the plates where the spring is mounted to be sure the screws are tight, and tighten any loose screws. On roll-up doors, check the hinges that hold the sections of the door together; tighten any loose screws, and replace any damaged hinges. Sagging at one side of the door can often be corrected by servicing the hinges. If a screw hole is enlarged, replace the screw with a longer one of the same diameter, and use a hollow fiber plug, dipped in carpenters' glue, with the new screw. If the wood is cracked at a hinge, remove the hinge and fill the cracks and the screw holes with wood filler. Let the filler dry and then replace the hinge. If possible, move the hinge onto solid wood.
  6. Check the springs. On swing-up doors, the spring on each side is hooked into holes or notches. To adjust the tension, move the spring hook to the next hole or notch. On roll-up doors, the spring on each side is controlled by a spring cable on a pulley. To adjust the tension of this type of spring, pull the cable farther through the plate above the door, and reknot the end to maintain the tension. Caution: If a roll-up door has only one torsion spring, at the center of the door, do not try to repair it. The tension is so great that the spring could injure you. For doors with this type of spring, call Garage Door Repair in Lincoln service. Our certified garage doors Lincoln technicians will assist you with any garage door repair.

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Cost Less Garage Doors provides Lifetime Guarantees on all Springs

  • Tune up or Spring Adjustment
  • Highest Quality Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers and Garage Door Accessories
  • Lowest Prices for all Garage Door related Products and Services, 100% Guarantee
  • Courteous, Professional, Highly Trained, Prompt, Friendly Garage Door Technicians, NOT Sub-Contractors
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Locally Owned and Operate in Lincoln



Costless Garage Doors' number one goal is customer satisfaction, priding ourselves on service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call our garage door experts now at   (916) 978-1088.

Costless Garage Door Repair

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Liftmaster 1355 Model 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

The Liftmaster 1355 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener offers value and reliability. It features a durable 1/2 HP motor and chain drive provide a steady performance and strong lifting power. This garage door opener features a safety system and includes a 1-button remote.

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Liftmaster 3595 Model 3/4 HP Carriage House Garage Door Opener

Perfect for lifting carriage house or custom-designed solid wood garage doors, the Liftmaster3595 3 HP Carriage House Garage Door Opener features a dependable 3 horsepower motor, a rugged I-beam rail and chassis support bracket, and 2-speed dual sprocket customizable to door requirements. High-efficiency motor is designed to lift the heaviest garage doors and delivers improved performance in extreme weather conditions. It includes a smart control panel, premium remote control, and features a safety system.

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Garage Door Repair FAQ

Garage doors repair LincolnQ. What is the typical lifespan of a spring?
Our replacement springs typically last approx. 10 years. This figure is for normal use of door. Excessive use of door will decrease the life of the springs. Extended life cycle springs can also be requested at an additional charge

Q. If one spring is broken, do I need to replace both?
While it is not required to replace both springs, it is STRONGLY ADVISED. Typically when one spring breaks, the other one breaks within short period of time. Since the whole assembly has to be removed to replace the broken spring, it is wise to replace both springs. It will save you money in the long run.

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